When your business demands precision and reliability, you need to fly your Multirotor with Quatos. Nothing else gives you the same precision and performance in high winds. Our handling qualities are so good that pilots who have flown Quatos are reluctant to fly anything else.

Multirotors with the Quatos flight control system have been used worldwide for several applications, such as


  • Crop nutrient and disease monitoring
  • Nutrient and soil texture maps
  • Cartography

Law Enforcement

  • Aerial reconnaisance
  • Crowd control
  • Suspect pursuit

Border Management

  • Check Infiltration
  • Early warning of potential threats
  • Ship based early warning system against pirates


  • Perfect research tool for control, guidance & estimation algorithms
  • Easy to start swarm control labs with Quatos library file
  • External sensors can be integrated
  • Many development utilities available
  • Reduce time in transition from theory to flight  

Utility Management

  • Monitor oil/gas pipelines
  • Monitor telephone and power lines

Disaster Management & rescue

  • Look for survivors in floods
  • Inspect fires without endangering life
  • Chemical spills

Surveying & inspection

  • Grid sweeps to map out an area
  • Precision photography of buildings
  • Inspection of facades and layout
  • Inspect dams, oil rigs and bridges


  • Get stable and beautiful aerial pictures
  • A must have for nature/wild-life photographers

Our worldwide network of assemblers and distributors can set up a craft with Quatos that matches your specification and needs. Contact us for details.