Quatos adaptive attitude controller is a closed source add on to Autoquad (AQ) offered by Drone Controls. All new AQ controllers (M4 or AQ6) sold from October 30th 2014 will include a Quatos license for personal hobby use on crafts up to 1 kg. 

Commercial or research use of Quatos with a hobby license is strictly prohibited.

Purchase Quatos License


Quatos licenses for hobby crafts weighing upto 2.5 Kg are priced at 99$. Commercial Quatos license for crafts weighing up to 10 Kg are priced at 995$.

Your AQ Quatos License Key is bound to the AutoQuad Flight Controller. Every board has a unique serial number – you need to make a payment to sales@drone-controls.com  via Paypal. Then forward the payment receipt, Board serial number and license type to the same email

You will receive your license key within 1 day. The license key will be used in the parameter LIC_KEY1 and will be uploaded to the craft along with the other Quatos parameters that can be generated here.

The Quatos library file is needed to compile the source code and is available for purchase by Universities.  Please contact sales@drone-controls.com for details.


Retrieve Quatos License

In case you have lost your Quatos license key, you can retrieve it here.  You will need to know the serial number of your flight controller board.  This number should have been included with your purchase, or you can retrieve it from the flight controller start-up messages in the ground control station (see here for details).

AQ Serial Number: